Furnishings & Equipment

  1. Furnishings
  2.   Tables:

    • Eleven 8’ plastic rectangular tables (Eight are set up in Room A)
    • Eight 6’ and plastic rectangular tables (All are set up in Room B)
    • Eight 6’ round wooden tables (5 are set up in Room C / 3 are in Storage Closet)


    • 100 fabric chairs (distributed between rooms – approximately 30 in each)
    • 40 white plastic folding chairs stored in Storage Closet

  3. Equipment – Kept in Equipment Cabinet in Storage Closet (accessed through Room C).

    PLEASE NOTE: Lost or damaged equipment is the responsibility of the user. Any repair or replacement costs are the responsibility of the organization using the equipment.
  4.              A tray is labeled for each Room and contains:

      • Remote control, P/C 15 pin projector cable, audio cord
      • NOTE: Converters are not provided for Apple products
    • Other equipment:
      • HDMI cable (in Miscellaneous tray) (for use in single room only – cannot be used when rooms are combined)
    • Sound Equipment [Sound system may be linked or combined for use in multiple rooms
      • Wireless Lavaliere microphone, receiver, and connections
      • Podium microphone and cord
      • Handheld corded microphone
      • Wireless handheld microphone, receiver, and connections
      • Table top stand and floor stand for handheld microphones
        Instructions for Connecting Microphones
    • Six easels and flip chart pads (kept in Storage Closet)

  5. Guest Access to wireless internet
    • Request the login information in advance of your event.

  6. Kitchen Facilities (please clean after use)
    • Two Self-igniting Gas Stoves, each with oven
    • One full size refrigerator (no freezer)
    • Sink

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