The Community Rooms are the property of Georgetown Health Foundation (GHF) and are located at 2423 Williams Drive, Suite 101, Georgetown, TX 78628. A key is needed for access. The space is made available to non-profit 501(c)3 organizations whose primary focus is health promotion. GHF at its sole discretion will grant use of the facility.

There currently is no fee for using the Community Rooms; however, a signed Responsibility Agreement is required. The form may be submitted to GHF as a hard copy or may be completed and submitted electronically.

The tables and chairs may be rearranged, but should be returned to the Standard Room Set Up at the conclusion of the meeting. Note the maximum number of occupants and the standard number of chairs in each room. If your meeting exceeds the number of chairs in the Standard number, please request more than one room (or you may supplement with available folding chairs).

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