Room Use Guidelines

NOTE:  Georgetown Health Foundation does not have facilities staff.  By each Organization taking responsibility, we hope to keep the Community Rooms a no-cost space.

Room Set-up

  • If tables & chairs are moved, return room to Standard Set-Up


  • Clean tables with disinfectant wipes


  • Remove trash bag from trash can and take to bin across from Ladies Restroom
  • Replace trash can liner.
    (Extra liners/bags are on top of the equipment cabinet)
  • Tops of trashcans cleaned with disinfectant wipes


  • Vacuum floors; vacuum cleaner is kept in Storage Closet.


  • Return supplies/equipment taken from Storage Closet
  • Lock cabinet
  • A/V technical assistance [Please refer to the instructions provided.  GHF does not provide technical staff.]


  • Turn lights off in Room(s) - hallway lights remain on.
    [For evening meetings, a control for the hallway light is on the wall beside the trash bin.]
  • Lock doors to Room(s)
  • Lock Main Entrance door (if you are the last group in the space)


  • Return key to Lockbox or personally return to the GHF office


  • Do not lean tables against walls or partitions.
  • Remove tape or tacky putty (if used)
  • Report spills to the GHF office (512-931-2221) as soon as possible

If you see something out of place or needing attention, please notify the GHF Office.

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